I-Bhd partners with Huawei for the i-City smart home


As you may have known, I-Bhd (developer of i-City) has embarked on developing a ultrapolis which will be situated next to the current ICT hub at i-City.

Consisting of hotels, high-rise residences, shopping malls and office towers, it will be a sight to behold when completed. And to meet that vision of a connected city, one of the steps taken by I-Bhd is integrating smart home technologies right into the buildings.

That particular building is a called Converse@i-City(tentative name). Converse@i-City is a 200 unit home suite to be built above the planned Double Tree hotel. According to i-City director Monica Ong, the units will come fully-furnished with Internet of Things (IoT) technology. She adds “The IoT is basically a network of connected things and by incorporating this into our development, we will be the first to feature this innovation.”

There are no details at the moment on how those IoT devices will look like. One can wonder whether it would be in a form of smart fridges? smart lighting? personal assistants maybe? If there’s any indication, it would be Ong’s sharing of hotel room: “As the guest enters the room, a door contact system will be activated, where upon detection of body temperature, the entrance-mood lighting system will be switched on and the room curtains will automatically open to welcome guests with a spectacular view of the i-City skyline.”

The expected completion date of Converse@i-City is at 2019.



The company that I-Bhd will be collaborating with is Huawei. Lim Chee Siong, Chief Marketing Officer of the Huawei Southern Pacific Region mentions that Huawei wants to ensure that the Malaysian intelligent home experience is a comfortable and safe one, where families are entertained and economically protected.

It is good to know that to date, Huawei has been involved in more than 100 Smart City projects in more than 40 countries and regions. And it with this wealth of experience combined with Huawei’s expertise in information and communications technology (ICT) that I-Bhd has found the right partner. In addition, Huawei’s presence in Malaysia for the past decade also bodes well for I-Bhd. Lim adds “For the past 15 years, Huawei has been focusing on improving the information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructure and development of smart cities in Malaysia.”


The Future

i-City is setting its sights to be the pioneer in the connected and smart city of the future. And from what we’re seeing at the moment,  it certainly is looking that way.


Source: starproperty , The Star, Yahoo Finance, Huawei