Samsung Connect Home

At the recent launch of the Galaxy S8, Samsung not only introduced its latest flagship but also revealed its updated plan for the connected home. Enter the Samsung Connect Home.

Prior to this, Samsung had already a smarthome offering in the form of Samsung Smart Things. To put it simply, Samsung Connect Home is a Wifi router that has Samsung Smart Things integrated.

The Wifi router component is much like Google Wifi where it operates as a mesh network. Samsung is offering this in a pack of one or pack of three. If you get a pack of three, you connect one to your modem and the other two can be placed anywhere in your home where the signal may not be the best. The other two acts like a booster, increasing the signal quality and strength.

To control these devices, you will need the Samsung Connect app. The app will start off only working on Samsung phones. But according to CNET it will be available on other Andoird devices and hopefully iOS.

Launch markets and pricing have not been announced.
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Source: CNET
Image credit: Digital Trends, Ars Technica