Panasonic Home Network System

Panasonic is known for its many consumer products. Ranging from home entertainment to beauty and health, it has been one of the go-to-brand in terms of reliability.

I am very sure many you have used at least one Panasonic product in your lifetime.
But do you know apart from the TVs and Cameras, they also have a Home Network System range?


Home Network System

Launched in Malaysia on April 2016, it is Panasonic’s offering on home monitoring and surveillance. Starting with the hub, it acts as the central brain of the system. It connects everything together and is what allows communication between your smart phone and the connected devices.

Next we have an indoor and outdoor camera. The main difference between the 2 is that the latter is dust and water resistant. Both cameras are equipped with night vision and have a built-in microphone.

After that we have the smart plug where you can plug any appliance and switch it on or off via the app.

And lastly we have the window/door and motion sensor.


How does it work

According to the information obtained from the website, the devices communicate with the hub using DECT (DECT is the standard used in cordless phones). And you control these devices by connecting your phone via WiFi to the hub.

With all of these connected you can create your own scenarios. For example, getting the camera to start recording and your lights to switch on when the motion detector senses movement.


Additional Information

I was curious as to whether Panasonic’s system is able to integrate with other smart home solutions (example Google Home / Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Logitech Harmony). So I reached out to Panasonic Malaysia. The marketing representative from Tamico Bell (Panasonic Authorized dealer) was helpful in answering my questions. According to the marketing representative, the Home Monitoring Kit is unable to integrate with other smart home solutions. She added that it is due to the DECT standard that the Home Monitoring Kit is using. I also wanted to find out whether the hub was necessary for the system to work. And the answer is yes. The usage of the hub mandatory as it connects all the devices.


Where to buy

Head on over to the Panasonic online store to purchase.



With so many home monitoring and surveillance systems in the market, it would be interesting to see how Panasonic stands out. However, I believe based on their track record of dependable products, what Panasonic offers is quality and reliability.

For those who are using it or have used it do share in the comments below. We would like to hear from you.


Source: Panasonic Malaysia
Image credit: Panasonic Malaysia